Welp! I think I’m floating.

My first experience with a weed brownie.

So, I have a friend who makes weed brownies and I joked “the next time you make them save me one.” I was joking but the next time I saw him he had one with my name on it. I have never smoked weed before or had an edible, and I’m an epileptic so I didn’t know what to expect. I’m not going to lie I was apprehensive as hell.

Despite my doubts I was curious because I love brownies and the brownie looked good. I had to smell the brownie and it smell so good. I didn’t smell any traces of weed. All I could smell was chocolate. Me being as greedy as I am, forgot all about my doubts. My mouth literally started to water while I contemplated eating this brownie. Unable to control my gluttonous ways I decided to take a small piece. I went about my day doing absolutely nothing as I am still under quarantine due to the pandemic. A few hours later I decide to take another piece after my dinner, but this time it was a slightly larger piece.

As I ate my lasagna order thru take out from Olive Garden I still didn’t feel any affects from the brownie. I started to think he lied to me and gave me a regular brownie. About an hour later that brownie hit me like ram goat. If you’re from the island you know what that means, but that thang hit me hard.

I thought I was going down. I couldn’t stand nor sit straight. I keep leaning over. I couldn’t balance myself at all. My head was spinning. Everything was spinning. It felt as though everything was moving fast but slow at the same time. My heat was palpitating so hard I thought it was going to bust out of my chest. At that moment I knew I messed up big time.

Now I’m scared and my stomach starts hurting and I feel like I’m going to throw up. Before I could even get to the bathroom which is a few feet away from my bed I start puking everywhere. I lit that bathroom up with vomit. Pasta and meet chunks everywhere. I need to chew my food more. Anyway, I share that bathroom, so I knew I had to clean it. Imagine trying to clean a bathroom high as a kite and feeling like you’re going to fall over and die any second.

I guess the stress of me cleaning up my vomit put more pressure on my body because I started to feel like a seizure was coming. My body starts twitching all over. It was like pinball hitting my nerves. I started to get scared. I honestly thought I was going to die. A few moments later I had a seizure. A mild seizure. I clenched down on my jaw so hard. I had two seizure back to back. Fortunate for me I was still awake but still feeling weak and dizzy.

I didn’t know what to do. I was embarrassed to call anyone. How was I going to explain my lack of judgement or blatant disregard for my health because I was being greedy? I sat there with my jaw clenched and I started to cry. I begged God to let me live. I wasn’t ready to go now and not like this. I promised that if hell let me fight this ill never do anything like that again.

I ended up falling asleep hours later. It took me about two days for the affects to wear off. My mind was still all over the place. I wasn’t my normal self. I couldn’t write or create anything. One of the dumbest decisions I’ve ever made in my life. That situation made me depressed for a few days. Despite how traumatizing that situation was for me I’ve learned a big lesson from it. If you look on the bright side ill have another story to tell my nieces and nephews when they get older.

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