Just a good book.

Black Girls Must Die Exhausted: A Novel for Grown Ups by Jayne Allen

This novel is about an ambitious successful black woman in her early thirties who thought she had life all figured out until she was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure. Tabitha Abigail Walker is the main character who describes herself as a black girl in contemporary America who is personal and emotionally spent. She is a reporter at KVTV news in LA with dreams of becoming as big as Oprah. The title of the book refers to a saying her Granny Tab’s observation of what it is like to be a black woman.

Black Girls Must Die Exhausted is an overall excellent read. If you are a woman hustling, chasing her dreams, this book is for you. If you are single in your thirties racing to find that perfect man and family this book is for you. If you are feeling overworked, underserved, and unfulfilled in your life, this book is for you. Tabitha is extremely relatable. This novel invokes the feeling of a broken childhood, daddy issues, insecurity, and settling. The author did an excellent job displaying, race, the importance of diversity in the workplace, culture, the importance of self-love, and women’s health. Your eyes will be glued to the pages, I promise. I can see this playing out on the big screen, Netflix, which is the new big screen.

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