#Toxic friend behaviors to stay away from

We go through experiences in life that put us down. We struggle, we fight, we persevere until things get better. What are you supposed to do when negative energy starts to come from people you consider to be your friends and colleagues?

Controlling Friends

Your friends are usually your biggest cheerleaders. Your friends typically know you better than you know yourself. Beware of those friends who want you to be their everything. These individuals are usually broken individuals who are insecure and not able to deal with their hurt. They count on you for everything instead of working on fixing themselves or their situation. They can't understand you have your own life and will do and say anything to make you feel guilty for not being there for them at their disposal every second of the day. This type of friendship is draining and toxic. If I can't have my own life, separate friends, or make decisions outside of consulting you, then we can't be friends. Address the situation and create boundaries. Try getting them some help if you can. If there is no change, exit stage left. Imitation

Imitation can be one of the most prominent forms of flattery, but when emulation turns into obsession, proceed with caution. When you're around, someone frequently, behaviors tend to become alike. That's not what we're discussing here. When your friends start to slowly turn themselves into you, its not a good thing. That means they're envious of you. Envy can become dangerous when dealing with an unstable individual. That individual wants to become you. They will take over your identity and try to push you out of your own life instead of creating their own.

Slick/ negative comments

I have had a few people tell me I couldn't do anything. "Oh, you shouldn't wear that, it won't look good on you." Yea I can't see you doing that, it's not you." You want to lose weight, so you can be slim like me, ha." "You never finish what you start anyway, so don't waste your time." My favorite one of all," you should get your butt done." Oh really? Leave that person alone ASAP. That is not a friend.That individual doesn't even like you. Your presence makes them uncountable, so they want to make you feel how they feel about themselves, and that's low. Body language

Beware of eye rolls, and screw faces. If an individual never celebrates your victories but is quick to maliciously criticize your losses, cut them off. Pay attention to the friend who seems too satisfied with seeing you down. Does this person smirk when something involving you goes wrong? Is this person quick to tell everyone an embarrassing story about you and then tries to play it off as a joke? Cut them off. An unhappy person's goal is to see you unhappy. It makes them feel better. Mutual respect is crucial in surviving a friendship. Respect me not only as your friend but as a person. If someone you call a friend is hurting you, taking advantage of you, and disrespecting you, you must let them go. Unfortunately, not everyone is meant to ride the journey through life with you. Your circle may become smaller and smaller, but that is only God's way of setting you up for your victory season.

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