Tiger King Review

I finally got to watch the tiger king on Netflix, and I think everyone who views it can attest that this flick is a hot ass mess.

Tiger King is a mini docuseries on Netflix, which records the rise and fall of Joe Exotic, aka Tiger King. Joe Exotic is the self-proclaimed tiger king and founder of the 16-acre farm known as the Garold Wayne Exotic Animal Memorial Park named after his deceased brother. Exotic claims this is the most magnificent observatory of tigers in the world. When Joe was just five years old, he was raped by an older boy. His family moved to Texas, where he later joined the Eastvale, Texas, police department, and ultimately became chief of the department. Allegedly after being outed to his parents as gay, he attempted suicide by crashing his police cruiser into or off a bridge.

Joe Exotic is the quintessential red neck king. Exotic is a proud, openly gay man and. Joe not only runs the zoo, but he also streams a reality show and is an aspiring country singer. Joe is a playboy. He has had multiple relationships with heterosexual and gay men. It is alleged he has an ex-wife and adult son. Not the ideal candidate, Joe also ran for Governor of Oklahoma and ran for president of the U.S.

The series focuses on the stories of the players involved in the exotic animal society, specifically big cats such as lions, tigers, cougars, etc. The series zooms in on the unrestrained feud with Carole Baskin, the owner of Big Cat Rescue. Carole Baskin has accused Joe Exotic of committing numerous animal rights violations. She has tried many times to shut his zoo down, stop his money, and deter the public from supporting anything he does. The two went back and forth in a vicious feud. Joe repeatedly posted videos showing him shooting a blow-up doll named Carole in the head, stuffing a dildo in the doll's mouth, and displaying a jar for Carole's head. Joe also alludes to Baskin killing her husband, Don Lewis, and feeding him to her tigers. Joe ultimately was arrested and indicted on killing five tigers as well as two murder for hire charges. He was outed by then business associates Jeff Lowe, James Garretson, and employee, Allan. He was sentenced to 22 years. WatchingTiger King is like watching trailer park cinema at its finest. Joe Exotic was a selfish, self-observed, charismatic, over the top sugar daddy with the gift a gab. Joe loved the boys, and he liked them young and gullible. He manipulated young men with money, expensive gifts, and drugs. Made them believe they were gay and even married 3 of them. I was here for his country songs. I enjoyed his music. Unfortunately, Joe Exotic is a perfect example of if you don't humble yourself, God will do it for you.

I don't care what nobody says Carol Baskin killed her damn husband. If her husband was like how they described him to be, he wasn't walking away without a fight. The fact that Florida let this woman get away with taking everything from him without batting an eye is a damn sham. Shame on them. They did Lewis's family a disservice. Carole Baskin is a hypocrite, and I hope they take all these people down. I must say this docu-series was well put together. I couldn't help but sit there and watch every episode back to back without interruption. The editing/production of this series was on point. The producers did an excellent job of creating a narrative for each main character. Even though Tiger King was a crazy roller-coaster ride, it is a must-watch and worth seeing. I enjoyed it from beginning to end.

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