Soulmates: Are you the Yin to my Yang?

A soulmate is someone preferably meant for you. Like Michael B. Jordan is my soulmate…. Just kidding, but seriously how do we know when someone is the one for us? The definition of a soulmate is someone for whom you have a deep affinity. Having a deep affinity with someone means you are not only attracted to their outside but also their inside as well. The connection you feel is exceedingly deep.

What traits qualify someone as a soulmate?

A soulmate is classified as a kindred spirit. A kindred spirit is someone who resonates at the same frequency as you do. It's like a feeling of an instant connection. You might meet someone and feel that you instantly know them. This can be the result of the energy matching. A perfect fit for the missing piece of your puzzle.

The science behind kindred spirits are real. Describing your soulmate is a profound and fulfilling emotion that overcomes you, making it hard to explain to others. Do not mistake this feeling for not knowing how you feel about your partner. Science states that if someone is your soulmate, flashbacks from a past life most likely will show up in the present. You might even feel an abnormal sense of déjà vu as if the moment in time has already taken place.

You spend way too much time together, but you don’t mind. You just get each other. You are enormously in sync. You fall in love with his or her flaws. Your partner's flaws are what make them even more perfect in your eyes. Perfectly imperfect. The passion is intense. Even during arguments, the bond is undeniable. Any discrepancy can be worked out through compromise.

You have grown to be mentally inseparable. The behaviors become similar. You might find yourself calling or texting each other at the same time. You will always feel protected and secure. Your partner becomes your lifeline. You can’t imagine what life would be like without this person. True soulmates speak to each other from the heart and often stare into each other’s eyes. Science explains this as having a natural deep-seated connection that can’t be explained.

Whether you believe in a soulmate or not, you can’t deny that there are just some people you have undeniable chemistry with. If you are lucky enough to find someone that makes you feel incredible happiness and peace with, hold on to them. I wish happiness and everlasting love for everyone. I hope that everyone reading if they haven’t already, will find their soulmate.

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