No matter what we fight

Enough is enough. Its time to hold America accountable for the mistreatment of black people.

It’s sad witnessing what is happening in America right now. Too many black people have been slain. Wronged by the injustices bestowed upon us even before we were stolen and forced cross the Atlantic. We were paraded like the zoo animals we pay to watch in their cages. We take pictures of them but forget we were once the main attraction. We were separated from our families. Our fathers killed, beaten, and taken away from us. Racists whites laugh and joke about how many of us remain fatherless a trend they’ve started. They’ve raped and tortured black women and procreated many black children. Forced black people to serve their every need. Enslaved us for their selfish greed. Then told us after we built this country that were less than. We're the reason you have any type of wealth or privilege in this country.

Racists continued to hold us back, but we pushed forward. And every step was difficult, but we made it to the next barrier. Knocking down each barricade while trying to heal from the whippings our people endured. Each generation persisted further and further. So many have died fighting matter of fact so many killed fighting without any justice. Over 400 years of attempts to destroy the soul of black people, yet we still fight. Black Americans triggered the world to stand on their feet and say enough is enough. One man posthumously brought most of the whole world together.

A man who who is not alive because a racist police officer decided that his black life didn’t matter. I can’t breathe he said. They didn’t care. They wanted him to die. I won’t be surprised if they want all of us to die. How can you look at that video footage and not see anything wrong? How can you not feel some sort of fury, anguish, and hurt? We’re hurting. George Floyd, say his name.

We protest peacefully, we're wrong. We advocate for laws to be changed, its shot down. We ask for justice we don’t receive it. We riot, oh you guys are thugs and criminals. But what about the officers who killed a black man over $20. Majority of the time the police officers go free with a pension and a pat on the back. While George Floyd and many others are dead. This country rather points the finger at the victim then place blame on an unfair system ran by racists, bigots, and murderers who get to live to see another day while countless innocent African Americans lay underground with a stone over their heads saying R.I.P. In my opinion I’m down with whatever needs to be done to stop this viscous cycle. It must end now. We continue until it ends. No matter what we fight. We fight.

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