Are my flaws not acceptable

Is My nature unbearable

Is My existence repulsive

Do I offend you with my looks

My big eyes tell a long tale of hurt which prolongs my fear of becoming the beautiful flower that rose from the dark ashes of devastation to a blossoming tree overflowing with laugh and a powerful essence no one can dispose of

My skin glows in the darkest of pits and carries sunshine with it as a tool to help build kingdoms for kings and queens to dwell

My mind spews knowledge in which only a fool cannot translate

The undeserving cannot Fathom my poise as I strut through hills and valleys unscathed by the broken path created before me waiting to fault and crumble as I step

My lips speak tales of strength and manifests wisdom as if I were a masterpiece waiting for creation

My temple breathes life into nations filled with riches far beyond what the eyes can believe

I wake and create all that is me. I manifest and it shall be.

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