Letter to my unborn child

Slowly anticipating the day I get to meet you

Daydreaming on what kind of person you would be

Your merely just a dream and I’m already deciding your career

Currently picturing taking your photo and telling everyone that’s my baby

Already too proud of you

Might be a stage mom yet your biggest fan

Yes I created that

And your gonna take over the world

The seed I planted that waited so patiently to sprout

Giving me a new purpose

Giving me a new life that I never imagined was possible

Awakened my faith and restored my ambitions

Collected my negative thoughts and destroyed them with the idea of love everlasting that I never knew I would be so lucky to receive

I would move mountains and slay dragons just to make sure that you remain unscathed by the darkness that will try to confiscate your light

I’ll be your best friend but not one of your little friends

I’ll do my best to make sure you’re humble but confident

You're worth everything that is good in this world

I promise to love you no matter what

Take care of you

Fight for you

Pray for you

Cry for you

Lay down my life for you

Until I meet you

I love you

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