Nurturing personal growth

The evolution of the mind is crucial in being open to innovative, fresh, fruitful, and productive ways of living.

Know your worth. Believe in yourself. You are your biggest asset and should treat yourself as such. I stress self-love so much because I've seen how the lack of self-love can diminish an individual's potential for greatness.

Personal Growth. Invest time in developing new skills. Force yourself out of your comfort zone and unlock your potential. Practice self-encouragement. Start by making a chart every month. The chart should list your goals, what you need to achieve those goals, inspirational words to motivate you to achieve those goals. Every 6 months, monitor the chart's data and examine how much you have accomplished. Being able to pinpoint and fix detrimental behaviors brings about clarity and peace of mind.

Educate yourself. Most people assume when education is discussed, it means sitting in some professor's lecture. Educate yourself by learning more about the world. Explore cultures. Being more compassionate and understanding of the world and what's going on around you. Research new methods of healthy living and thinking. Expand your mind and be open to different experiences.

Cleanse. You are the one in control Delete toxic people and situations. Even if that means kicking each and everyone out of your life, do it! Also if that means coming to the realization that you are toxic, so be it. Sometimes we need to step away from people and situations to see the whole truth to what the case truly is.

Move-in silence. It is great to have friends and family that support. If you are like me and tend to over share ideas, it is not always a good thing. Speak into existence your thoughts but mostly with yourself. Sometimes others' pessimistic energy can alter your plans and force you to become timid in the efforts toward achieving your goals. It is essential to jot down ideas as they flow. Spur of the moment ideas usually is the best ideas. Remember that silly little idea for a product might turn into a successful business.

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