CBD products I use for pain and stress management.

While struggling to manage the task of dealing with joint pain daily, I needed more than prescription drugs to assist in calming the pain. Overwhelming stress and anxiety are always lurking and eventually decides to tag along for a lethal two-piece of catastrophic aching. To minimize the impact my illness had on my work and social life, I decided to give CBD a try.


My regular go-to is CBD oil. I use CBD oil from NuLeaf Naturals. NuLeaf Naturals is an organic CBD oil made in its purest and potent form. If I'm having trouble sleeping, I ingest a drop of CBD oil. I hold the drop under my tongue for a few seconds. I feel the calming effects immediately followed by a good night's sleep. If I'm having pain in specific areas I also rub the oil in those places to ease the pain.


When I am experiencing chronic body pain usually due to bad weather, I use Just CBD gummies. Just CBD has a wide range of edible CBD products that taste absolutely delicious. I usually get the CBD gummies. The gummies taste are just right. Beware of eating too many at one time as they taste really good. Don’t forget they are CBD and you will get extremely drowsy.


When I want to relax or feel a little anxious. I take a piece of my NuEats cashew bar. NuEats has a good selection of chocolate CBD bars, baked chips, and organic jerky. The chocolate almond butter and cashew butter are my favorites. Will try other flavors too.

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