Can energy be passed from person to person?

From the time I was a child, I always felt another person’s energy. I didn’t understand it, but I always knew before someone touched me if the individual’s energy was good or bad. I didn’t like people touching me and would often ignore or shy away from someone whom I felt terrible energy. I always assumed it was a bad behavior to have, but as I matured, I started to notice it saved me from being intertwined with some bad people.

Energy transfers take place through; speaking, handshakes, hugs, kissing, music, eye contact, sound, crying, and sex. Waves can be transferred through animals, objects, and places also. Have you ever walked into a room and felt uncomfortable? I have. I’ve experienced my share of anxiety entering spaces and couldn’t come up with an explanation for why I felt uneasy. For example, I would go to work and instantly feel drained. I would be in there sometimes sweating like I was in a sauna. I would feel fine before and after I left my job. Something was disturbing my spirit there.

What I later learned is that energy passes through a person, place, or thing. The vibes you get from another person is definite. The individual’s natural aura is sending out the energy the person is carrying with them. This energy can either be positive or negative. Most individuals with good intentions and a healthy mental state will gravitate towards people with a naturally high vibration. Be around people who lift you. The mind must be relaxed; receptors must be open, which will allow both parties to be on the same wavelength. The same goes for negative energy. If you breed negativity, that is what you will attract. Giving power to people, situations, places, and things, without a return or replenishment can drain you. Stay away from situations that do not reciprocate the replacement of good energy, especially if you have a healing aura. When you have a healing aura, you are always going to be drained by everyone around you seeking guidance. You must require yourself to maintain a high standard of self-boosting vibrations to keep your energy positive.

Can energy be passed from person to person? Yes, I believe it can. We must be aware of the energy we put out, good or bad. We also need to protect ourselves from people whose only intention is to kill our positive vibe.

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