Brands I would like to try


Honey Pot is an all-natural black-owned feminine care line founded by Bea Dixon. Honey Pot’s feminine care products are made for women by women. All products are; clinically tested, gynecologist approved, cruelty-free, no artificial fragrances, produced without toxins and chemicals, or anything synthetic. The brand is dedicated to bringing awareness to feminine care. The brand strongly supports providing access to quality feminine care products that will not harm a woman’s lady parts. The brand donates feminine products to those in need through their #HappyPeriodMovement. A purchase of a “happy period pin’ provides 2 liners and 1 regular pad to a woman in need. I first discovered this company through its commercial with Target. Despite the recent controversy due to white women doing negative racist reviews, I am more than interested in giving the products a try.


Goddess Detox is a holistic women’s company focused on self-love inspired products. The products are made to aide in physical, spiritual, and emotional detox. The products are empowered by herbs, energy, and the power of words. Their mission is, “We want women to be able to be in touch and in tune with themselves and understand their power.’ The products work through the herbs vibrational energy, the user’s vibrational energy, and the intent placed in products. I am incredibly interested in the products as they’re said to relieve menstrual cramps and discomfort. Per reviews, The products are meant to influence confidence and rejuvenation after the detox.


Juvia’s Place was created to celebrate the rebels, rulers, and queens of the African kingdoms of long ago. Innovators who emulated and honored beauty through their soulful and innovative techniques that top beauty gurus still use today. Inspired by the queens before us, Juvia’s Place offers the richest most vibrantly pigmented essentials for the eyes, face, and lips to take you from the office to the Caribbean islands, and everywhere in between. I’ve seen many tutorials featuring Juvia’s place makeup pallets. The pallets are visually appealing. Even though I’m not good at applying makeup, the colors excite me and inspire me to learn to do makeup.

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