BOSS Moves

The empowering moment when you’ve reached a certain age, and have decided what you want and you won’t settle for less until you get it. It is indeed a great feeling. After numerous nights lying awake in bed, wondering why things are going, or not going your way, you finally realized that you are in control. Be brave, consistent, bold, and daring. Take control of your wants and needs. Shoot your shot Take risks. Make your own rules. Be in charge of your life. You run you. Be creative Be optimistic- Always see the light at the end of the tunnel. Even when there is no light at the end of the tunnel, create your own light. Pave the way for yourself to dominate in life. Always keep your chin up and move full force even when you do not want to. Sacrifice! Take the time to put in the work. Do your due diligence. Perfect your craft. Work twice as hard. Strive to succeed in everything you do. Even if something does not work out in your favor. A setback is only a set up for a comeback. Every success story has a few bumps in the road. As women, we were equipped with the strength to withstand any storm brewing our way.

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