Strategies toxic men use to undermine women.

"Some women need to realize that their boyfriends are merely tenants trying not to get evicted."

A toxic man can sense weakness in a woman. It’s like a shark when they smell blood in the water. He will test you to see how much you will tolerate. He will continually apologize and do the same thing repeatedly since there are no negative consequences for his actions. These insecure, leeching, non-ambitious men take advantage of you because you are not fulfilled within yourself and that’s a serious problem you need to address.

Some women need to realize that their boyfriends are merely tenants trying not to get evicted. He gives you the bare minimum because he recognizes that you will allow it. These types of men are typically insecure as well. That is how they are aware of the insecurity and loneliness in you. He displays all the love, support, and affection in the beginning. He brings new excitement into your life. He puts it down in the bedroom and gives you the best sex of your life.

He leads you to believe that he is doing well but he is not. He is always available because he does not work. He can’t even keep a job if he wanted to. Suddenly, he fakes going through hard times. He begins to hit you with sob stories on why things are not going well for him. Reasons why he hasn’t progressed, making you feel bad for him. He starts using you more and asking for favors. “This is the last time Baby you know I’m going through it, help me out if you love me.” He manipulates you with guilt, “Nah you don’t love me you just like them other hoes.” Just when you were getting ready to leave, he tells you, “go I don’t need you,” but the gag is he does. You are his only source of income. You provide a roof over his head, money for whatever expenses he has, and a place for him to cheat on you with other women. You are his primary caregiver now!!!

You 're starting to feel the anxiety from the relationship. You have realized that this is not what you have signed for. Finally, you initiate threatening to leave. He breaks down crying begging you not to leave and that he will do better. It seems as if he does for a few weeks, but he is only setting you up to start controlling you. When you try to go out with your friends, it’s an argument. When your friends come over he embarrasses you and there is an argument. When he notices your closest friend starts to speak up or react to his behavior, he says I don’t want her over here, or I don’t like her because he knows she will be the voice of reason that may mess up how he plans to isolate you from friends and family.

You grow frustrated by the day. You challenge him by questioning why he hasn’t progressed. Of course, he gets offended and starts to behave combatively. You get a little shook and try to play it off like that wasn’t what you meant. He now strikes you for the first time. Here comes the fake apology "I’m so sorry baby I’ll never do it again I love you." "You are everything to me." You leave but then, of course, you come back because he is everything to you at this point even though he doesn’t do much but sex and stress you. As difficult as it has become in your relationship, you can’t leave him.

You are starting to break down more and more. He criticizes everything you do. Doesn’t even say I love you anymore. He cheats and doesn’t even hide it anymore. You try everything to keep up your appearance on the outside but on the inside, you are slowly dying. It has been about 2 years and you have missed numerous opportunities. You have a nonexistent social life. No friends and you barely speak to the family.

The moral of this story is, as women we must be equipped to accept love the right way. We often misconstrued lust disguised as love. We should want more for ourselves. We must take the time to choose the right partner. Love is an action word, and if a man loves you, he will show it. He will support, encourage, and uplift you. He will stimulate your mind as well as your body. He will protect not harm you. Most importantly know your self-worth. If you can’t love yourself how do you expect someone else to love you?

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