Annoying questions women over 30 are tired of being asked.

The social order has a few traditional standards for women about how society expects a woman's life should be, especially when you're older than 30. Here are a few questions we women dread to hear.

When are you going to lose weight? Excuse me! When was this question ever ok to ask? If you are a woman who carries some extra pounds, you most likely have heard this question before. Most of the time, the ridicule comes from a family member who is usually heavier than you. The miserable family member is probably disappointed with their weight, so they mirror that negative energy onto you. The intention is to make you may feel just as bad about your appearance as they think of theirs. Yea, those kinds of insecure negative people. Ignore them! Women tend to feel a lot of pressure when it comes to our bodies.

The media distorts people's perception of beauty to manipulate an individual's opinion on what is an acceptable weight. Always being grilled and ridiculed about your weight is one of the reasons why women seek out harmful ways to slim down their bodies. Some women rather do whatever it takes instead of accepting what they see in the mirror. A woman should be allowed on her own terms to decide if she would like to lose weight without outside influence, basically bullying her to lose weight. If this woman is healthy and pleased with her body, why does her weight bother you so much? When are you getting married? Now I know the older you get, the harder it is to find love, but I was unaware there was a timestamp on finding your forever love. We need to stop dictating for women what kind of lifestyle they should be participating in. Not every woman wants to get married or is insisting on rushing to get married. Dating can be tough. The contemporary woman is becoming more educated, becoming businesswomen, judges, lawyers, doctors' entrepreneurs, and CEOs.

The goal for most is to not only be established on your own but also take the time to get to know the person you plan on spending the rest of your life with. Despite divorces being a convenient way to break a union, most women marry for love, not expecting the marriage to end. We want a career and love as well. Both require a lot of work and sacrifice. If you do not meet the man of your dreams right away, do not become disappointed. There is no rush. Move at a pace that is right for you. Don't feed into the pressure of what other people say. Why are you still single? Why must there be something wrong with me? Shit happens! Life happens. Situations work or don't work out for various reasons. Maybe you haven't found the right one yet. Perhaps you are protective over what man you let into your life. Not everyone you meet deserves to be blessed with the opportunity to connect with your spirit. A picture has been painted to portray women who are single after a certain age as hopeless and a lost cause. That is far from the truth. Try dating at your own pace. Be patient. The person for you will reveal themselves. Are you pregnant? If I was pregnant, I would tell you. How rude is that question? Just because someone puts on a little weight, it doesn't equate to them being pregnant. Some people even have the nerve to sneak and touch your belly. That is demeaning. What happened to respect someone's personal space. We get a menstrual cycle once a month that can cause cramps and bloat hello! We also have medical issues like fibroids, cysts, and endometriosis, that can cause our belly to pudge a bit. Hormones, poop, various disorders, and overeating can display the appearance of a more massive abdomen as well. When are you having a baby? Childbirth can be a sensitive topic. Bringing another human being into this world is not easy. Some women do not have children for many reasons. Some women are not financially stable. Before thinking about starting a family, they want to establish a career. They have not found love yet. They can't conceive, or they just don't want children. No matter what the situation may be, the question can cause that person to feel ambushed and embarrassed. After a while, when multiple people ask on numerous occasions the same problem, that you can't seem to dodge, take a deep breath, and remember God makes no mistakes.

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