Blindsided by love.

Betrayed by you

Or so I thought

I was betrayed by my lack of

Not loving myself enough

Betrayed by the fact that

I didn’t notice the signs that were so blatantly apparent flashing

Before my eyes

I confidently ignored the disrespect

Disregarded my own feelings

Hoping that the thought of love would swoop in

And save me from the disdain I feel

Whenever you hurt me so carelessly

Effortlessly and flawlessly

And then you have the nerve to blame me

For your mishaps and misfortunes

Like I did you wrong

Like I failed you

How dare me

How dare you

I put your boyish ways in front of

The protection of my heart

My temple was compromised

By the tainted mind of

A young boy with mommy issues

And more excuses than

He had underwear

A lost soul intended on conflicting pain on

Every individual who crossed paths with him

Just so he can bleed on them

Instead of healing from his wounds

Wounds only he can fix but refuse to because it’s not his fault

But yours because unbeknownst to you

You have automatically become a casualty of war in his battle against himself

But when do you stand up and fight for you

When does the self love overpower the self destruction of the heart

When do you say no more and

Conquer the lingering fear of loneliness

Slay and demolish all who enter your space with the intentions of destroying your wellness

Cast out self doubt and regain control of your excellence

Restore peace to you our palace and

Cleanse your soul of the poison for good

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